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As a lawn care contractor, mulch mowing was an integral part of my business.

Not only did it contribute to improving my customers lawns but it also made a huge impact on my own efficiency and costs.

Mulch mowing reduced the green waste I was removing and allowed me to get more jobs done.

You wonder why everyone doesn't do it.

A gator blade was my favorite for cutting grass on my riding mower.

I've come up with 7 mulch mowing blades that cover a broad range of mowers.

Primarily I've focused on 5 stand behind mower blades and 3 for riding mowers.

You can review them yourself including price on my comparison chart below.

If you don't find a product directly relating to your mower here have a look at any of the manufacturers websites and there's a good chance you will find it.

Honda Mulching Blades For HRX series mowers

How To Find The Right Mulching Blade 

The process of finding the right mulching blade can be daunting.

So many brands, styles and will it fit my mower?

Well here is my first tip.

1. For some mowers the mulching blade that comes with the mower is an excellent product.

Take for example the  Honda Micro Cut blades (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)

You might buy an after market product at half the price but it will probably only work half as good.

Honda has invested a lot of resources into their mulching products and for a few extra dollars its not worth buying a cheaper product.

2. If you don't consider your mowers own product is good enough try to find a mulching blade that is dedicated to your product.


Oregon 21 inch mulching blade

The example above is an Oregon 21" walk behind mulching blade.

This blade suits a range of models (AYP, Sears, Poulan and Husqvarna) but is not a universal type because it will bolt straight up on its listed models just as a standard factory blade would fit.

I have previously used gator blades and found them excellent.

Gator blades basically work by keeping the clippings "circulating" within the underside of the mower so that they get chopped up into fine particles.

Why I like the Oregon Gator Blades is that they come from a well known and reliable manufacturer.

Oregon also have three different types of Gator Blades available.

The G3 - is the standard mulching blade

The G5 - has a higher lift than the standard blade which assists in providing better mulching performance

The G6 - Is thicker and wider than the G3 and G5 and would be suitable for heavy-duty work or commercial application

Having 3 mulching options is also beneficial as some blades work better than others so at least you can experiment when you have 3 different choices.

Utilize the Oregon website to identify which Oregon blade fits your mower.

3. If you can't find the right dedicated mulching blade I would consider a universal option.

These can be OK, but one of the problems is that they use a range of spacers that ensure the blade will fit as many mowers as possible.

Sometimes these spacers don't always fit up as well to your own mower and you need to ensure the blade fits tightly on the mower when the locking nut is done up.

Maxpower 21 inch mulching blade

The Maxpower 21-Inch mulching blade (above) is an example of a universal blade.

It comes with spacers that allow it to fit a range of different models and brands of mowers.

I haven't previously used this type of blade, so I can't categorically say it will be fine, but if you can't find a model specific product then this is still a good option.

Feed back on this product was generally OK with a solid amount of reviews to consider.

Before you commit to buying a mulching blade, consider blocking off the side or rear chute of your mower and see how your existing blades chop up the grass. Sometimes keeping the grass under the mowing deck is enough to chop up the grass into small particles for mulching. Most manufacturers will have a plug or cover to block off your mowers discharge chute.

 Comparison Table

MTD 21$33.37211,777 ReviewsN/ACUB 300 AND
Honda HRX BLADES$42.99211,378 ReviewsN/AHONDA
Toro 22" Recycler Blade$23.90223,476 Reviews2-1/4TORRO
1.7521-11/163 HOLE CENTRAL
Maxpower 331981S 21-Inch$26.79211,764 Reviews2-1/4UNIVERSAL221CENTRE WITH
Oregon 21"$21.9921675 Reviews2.5SELECTED
Gator Fusion G5 $32.00422,293 Reviews3CUB,MTD,
5.921-3/166 POINT
Maxpower 561713X $29.49426,859 Reviews2-1/2POULAN,
4215 POINT
Rotary 12809 PK3$34.3550"991 Reviews2-1/2CUB,MTD,
check manuf
prior to
6.317-57/646 POINT

Mulching Blades For Ride On Mowers

Interstingly, the John Deere X300 series has an optional mulching kit that allows you to switch over to mulching on the fly.

When it comes to finding the best mulching blade for a riding mower try to stay away from a universal blade.

Riding mowers have a lot of power going through to the cutting deck.

A blade that is made specifically to fit a riding mower will be a safer option than a universal model.

As previously stated I loved my Gator Blade and I think the Gator Fusion G5 is an excellent choice as it is a step up from the standard G3 with higher lift and tungsten cutting edge.

Anything that improves the durability of the cutting edge will ensure you can mulch grass for longer before needing a sharpen.

One tip I have for ride on mowers is try experimenting with your mulching blades in terms of discharging vs blocking off the chute.

I found that my mulching blades worked well enough to be able to side discharge the clippings which spread them out evenly over the lawn. If you do follow this method watch out for stones and objects that might get picked up and spat out. 

If side discharge is not effective go for the traditional method of blocking the discharge chute.


Whether you use mulching or standard blades always check for hair-line cracks or fractures. Blades that have cracks can potentially disintegrate off the mower whilst running and this is really dangerous (without stating the obvious). Don't keep blades for too long, it's not worth it.

Considerations When Purchasing Mulching Blades

Getting the right size

If you are just buying a replacement blade then usually the part number will be enough.

For an upgrade to a gator blade or mulching blade you may be able to use the part number but usually the model type and cutting deck size is required.

For a riding mower you will need 2-3 or even 4 blades depending on how big the mower is.

Universal blades usually have a listing of the range of mowers they fit and come supplied with the necessary fittings that allow for installation across multiple mower types.

Changing a blade?

Before attempting to take a blade off make sure you take the lead off the spark plug.

This will ensure the mower is unable to start if the blades are manually turning the engine over while you are attempting to remove the blades.

Always use the right size tool to remove the bolt or nut holding the blade.

Often a blade will require significant force to undo it and if you don't have the right fitting tool you might end up with a rounded bolt head or smashed up hand.

Use a piece of timber or steel as a chock to stop the blades from spinning.

A wire brush might be required to clean up the blades after removal to check their condition.

This Wiki How also provides an excellent diagram of how to change a blade. 

Remember that the curved wing on each blade needs to point up towards the engine.

This creates the up-draft and contributes to the grass being circulated under the mower deck in the case of a mulching blade.


More Information.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.

The Final Word On The Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

Finding the best mulching blade depends on what options are available for your mower.

Oregon Gator blades provide a good range of options for a wide range of mower brands

If you can't find a dedicated blade, a universal mulching blade may be an option.

If you currently run a mulching blade make sure you keep it sharp to maximize its mulching ability.

I wrote an article on lawn mower blade sharpeners that covers off some options for dedicated sharpeners.

Your lawn will thank you for switching to mulching blades that will ensure nutrients from the lawn you are cutting are going back into the lawn providing nutrition and cooling benefits.

All the best.  Big Gav


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