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I've put 9 years of my commercial lawn care and gardening experience into helping you find the right push mower. I don't have the budget to personally try all products I recommond but rest assured where I havent tried the product, I do thorough research based on my own experience and customer feed back. Just so you know, I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated site.

Good Luck In Finding The Right Push Mower


Finding the best push mower can be a challenge!

If you have read any of my articles on lawn mowers you will know that I am a big fan of Honda Gas Lawn Mowers.

Whether it's a self-propelled or push mower, Honda is my go to machine if someone asks me what's the best push mower. 

There are numerous articles that support Honda mowers it's no real trade secret.

The one perspective that I can provide as a contractor is that I have tested these mowers for not just a few hours but literally hundreds of hours in a commercial context.

I will say one thing, the Honda self-propelled mowers I used were just the domestic variety, not their commercial range.

The engines were so good I couldn't see the sense in paying for a more expensive option.

I have also known contractors who have used other brands over the years which also allows for comparison.

But I keep coming back to Honda and the 662120 model is one such push mower I have recommended in my comparison table (see below).

Honda are excellent at incorporating mulching capability into their mowers.

I even wrote an article on finding the best mulching mower. CLICK HERE TO SEE

Not everyone has the budget for a Honda and not everyone wants the emissions and noise that gas powered mowers produce.

So I have rounded out my product recommendations into 3 main groups.

The best push mower overall, the best budget push mower and finally the best electric options.

You can always do your own research by utilising my comparison table below.

Honda 662120 Push Mower

Best Overall - Honda Push Mower

There are plenty of mowers that do everything that the Honda 662120 does but here are the differences.

Honda's engines start every time.

Every time you pull the cord the mower starts.

That's it, the number one feature, doesn't sound that impressive does it?

But......... looking at my GIPHY image above, who wants to pull their guts out trying to start a mower?

Not me, no way.

It's no good having a list of great mowing features if the engine sucks.

Ok... back to the Honda.

Keep the air filter clean and the oil changed when required and you will have yourself a reliable mower

Honda mowers are excellent at mulching.

No need to stick a mulching plug in the back, just move the 3 in 1 adjuster for mulching, catching or a combination of both.


Green works corded mulching mower

Best Budget Push Mower

When you start looking at gas mowers under $200 you get into challenging terrain.

They can have all the features you need but fall over on reliability or ease to start.

The Greenworks 20-Inch Corded mower priced at $164.88 goes against this issue delivering an excellent value proposition.

The use of a corded electric motor keeps this mower simple and the price down.

For a budget option you may not have considered, think again.

Close to 3,500 positive customer reviews also support this products capability.

11,399 Reviews

Ego 56 volt cordless push mower

Best Cordless Push Mower

This mower isn't just a glimpse into the future of outdoor lawn care tools, it is the future!

The EGO 20" cordless provides the convenience of electricity without the cord attached.

This product is an example of how far battery powered equipment has come. 

Better battery technology is allowing for longer work times and more power.

The Ego runs for up to 60 minutes which covers a good range of mowing.

Most importantly it mulches via a plastic plug inserted in the rear.

142 Reviews

Push Mowers Can Be Loud, Wear Ear Protection !!!!!

This information is really important. Too much exposure to a mower's engine noise can damage your ears. Some hand mowers come in close to 100 decibels. This is 8 times as loud as 70 decibels. Eight hours of use at this level can result in permanent ear damage. There are plenty of good options for ear protection, and ear muffs are one such option that provide excellent protection at a reasonable price.

 Comparison Table

Greenworks 20-Inch $164.88411,399 Reviews5612 AMP20CORDED
EGO 20-Inch 56-Volt Push MowerPrice not available5 MACHINE
142 Reviews5656 VOLT
Battery not included for comp chart
Husqvarna 21 in.Price not available 2742 Reviews65160CC
Honda Push MowerNo products found.3No products found.NA160CC21GAS
Snapper XD $383.995 MOWER
1,148 Reviews59.582 VOLT

More Product Insight

Honda 662120 Push Mower

Best Push Mower Overall - Honda 662120

Honda push mowers have been around a long time.

I personally prefer a Honda self-propelled mower.

If you haven't tried one before, maybe consider a test drive.

The first time I did this there was no going back to a push mower.

I even wrote an article on finding the best self-propelled mower CLICK HERE


There are also plenty of good reasons to buy a push mower, price being one.

I primarily used Honda self-propelled mowers for my business and while I tried a few others I always came back to a Honda.

There is no shortage of mowers that can do all the things a Honda can do, that's relatively easy, what sets the Honda apart from its competition is their gas engines. 

They just start every time, week in week out.

As a contractor and a consumer this is huge. 

Who wants a mower that is great at mowing and mulching but sucks at starting?

Having to pull start a mower more than two times wears real thin quickly (remember my giphy up the top?)

Honda have really got mulching sorted on their mowers now.

When I first started my business you had to put a mulch plug in the back for mulching.

These days it's a 3 way lever that allows for mowing, mulching or a combination of the two.

If you do decide to mulch make sure the grass is nice and dry, wet grass is difficult to mulch as it tends to turn into mush rather than fine particles.

The engine in the Honda 662120 is a good size at 160cc and is fine for a hand mower.

Honda do have a larger engine in the HRX series but these models are self propelled and need the bigger engine.

  • Well Set Up System For Bagging, Mulching or both

  • Superior Engine Design And Performance

  • Positive Customer Feedback Regularly Higher Than Competitors


Excellent engine and reliability

A mulching system that is easy to use

A solid brand with a proven history for mowers


Expensive for a domestic mower

Noisy compared to electric equivalents

Rear chute can clog if you don't follow proper mulching procedures

Greenworks 20" Corded Mulching Mower

Best Budget Push Mower - Greenworks 20 Inch Corded

Not everyone has the budget or the need for a top of the line gas powered hand mower.

For small to medium size yards, the Greenworks 20-Inch mower makes for a viable alternative for both catching and mulching.

This mower is really a no frills' product that simply gets the job done at a super price.

It has wheels, a body, and a powerful electric engine and a clip bag.

Whether mulching or catching that powerful engine smashes the grass out.

My only gripe with these types of products is the obvious one, the extension lead you have to manage.

But if the extension lead doesn't grate on you then go for it.

Customer feed back is excellent on this product and lots of reviews.

11,399 Reviews

  • Steel Mowing Deck

  • Easy To Store

  • 3 In 1 Functionality - Mulch, Catch, Discharge

  • Cost Effective Price


Super affordable for a hand mower

Flexibility in its use. Catch, mulch, side discharge

A worthy alternative to gas for small yards


An extension lead can be frustrating to use

Durability could be a concern if used too much

May not mulch as well as a gas equivalent especially in "heavier"grass

 Ego 20 Inch cordless push mower

Best Cordless Push Mower - Ego 20 Inch

If you want electric power without a trailing power cord then you need a battery powered mower.

The EGO 20-Inch is a battery powered push mower with a 56volt battery.

Ego also make a 21 inch mower that is self-propelled which I personally prefer as I hate pushing!

If you have concerns over battery based mowers then rest easy as these mowers have come a long way.

Better battery technology has meant better performance and run times.

I have even seen a few contractors switching their businesses over to battery powered products because many customers prefer a "greener" option when getting their grass cut.

There is of course the elephant in the room when it comes to cordless products and that is limited run time.

The Ego 20 inch will run for up to 45 minutes depending on how hard you work it.

Battery performance can also vary depending on what configuration you purchase.

A higher Ah rating will give you more sustained power for longer.

Ego claim a recharge time of 30 minutes which is less than the run time, yay.

The good thing about electric based products is that they are simple designs.

An electric motor drives the cutting blades from a battery.

Turn on mower, push mower, keep battery charged, done.

No fuel to mix, no fuel to go stale, no fumes, 30% less noise.

This combination of benefits is the reason these things are selling so well.

For folks in a built up area with a small to medium yard this makes perfect sense.

The lack of additional parts also makes these products easier to store ast they can fold up into a smaller configuration than a traditional mower.

142 Reviews about this product.


  • Weather resistant body

  • Easy To Store

  • 3 In 1 Functionality - Mulch, Catch, Discharge

  • No cord to pull

Customer Feedback on These Mowers


Folds flat for easy storage

Very easy to use

30% less noise than a gas engine


Expensive vs other gas or corded electric options

Run time limited to battery 

Maybe not suitable for larger properties

Considerations When Purchasing A Push Mower

Gas or Electric Powered?

Electric mowers are now worthy considerations when compared to a gas equivalent.

Elecrtic cordless products are expensive due to battery costs.

Gas engines are noisy and require more maintenance

Electric products tend to be good in small to medium size yards

Gas mowers will run for much longer

Electric products are a great option if you want a simple to use product and are not mechanically minded.

Gas mowers are powerful, run for a long time on a tank of gas and there are excellent commercial grade products available.

Blade Width

Blade widths can vary a lot with push mowers but generally the average width is approximately 20-21 inches (-0.53 m).

A blade of 21 inches will suit the majority of yards.

The wider the blade the more grass is cut so less time is required.

Narrower blades will take more passes to cut the same grass as a wider blade


Noise Levels

If you have never used a Gas mower before they can be loud with some pushing close to 100 decibels.

If noise may be a problem, consider changing to an electric option which can cut noise by 30%

Always wear hearing protection if your mower is over 80 decibels.


Mulch or Catch?

I always recommend to mulch mow if your mower has the capacity.

Mulching saves time by not having to catch the grass and by not taking the clippings away you are returning nutrients back into the ground.

You can get more information regarding mulching mowers by reading this article I wrote on mulching mowers.

Luscious Lawns Easy - Find The Best Mulching Mower [2019]


Cutting Height

Never cut a lawn on the lowest cutting height, it will allow weeds to come up quicker and it will dry out sooner.

You always want to take off approximately one third of the leaf length.

A leaf height of around three inches is a good height to mow, taking off a third.

Cutting height varies depending on the variety of grass.

Determine what variety of lawn you have then cut to the recommended height.




  • Always mow when the grass is dry.

    Wet grass will clump and not cut up as fine

  • If you do get some clumping when dry, try this

    Raise the mower to its highest setting then re-do the clumped areas. The mower blades work like a fan spreading out the clumped grass.

  • Mowing more frequently will result in less clippings that need to break down

    Better frequency also cuts down time for the job as the mower is not working as hard

  • Only cut the top third of the grass

    Cutting too much grass can result in clumping and and uneven fininsh.

  • Don't cut below 1 Inch of the grass height

    Cutting grass too low results in scalping of the grass and encourages weeds and the lawn will dry out quicker. Keeping the lawn to Two inches is a good guide to work to.

  • Keep your blades sharp

    Sharp blades improves the cutting process and gives a clean finish. Small particles also means better mulching results

More Information.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • What is the best push mower for hills?

    A self propelled walk behind is generally better for hills as it reduces the effort required to push

  • What should I look for when buying a lawn mower?

    A quality engine that is easy to start every time. Having lots of great features is no good if the engine is difficult to start or unreliable

  • What is the best lawn mower for a small yard?

    A small gas push mower or electric corded or cordless are all worthy considerations. Electric models are good for small back yards in built up areas as they are 30 percent quieter and have zero emissions.

  • How many CC's should a lawn mower have?

    160cc is a good size engine but you may need more if you are looking at a self propelled mower or need to cut thick long grass

The Final Word On Push Mowers

A good push mower should firstly have a good reliable, easy to start engine.

Decide if you need a push mower that is well suited to mulch mowing.

Is an electric push mower worth considering?

Electric mowers are ideal in small to medium yards.

A small budget can still get an excellent corded electric mower.

A gas mower has good power, range of products and well-made options.

I hope my guide has helped you make an informed purchase decision.

All the best. 

Big Gav


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