Best Gas Leaf Blower - Buying Guide [2021]

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The best gas leaf blower can make big jobs easy such as moving leaves on a lawn or cleaning up after doing edges.

I've spent a lot of time with blowers in my business, so I hope by the end of this article I can share some knowledge with you to find the best gas leaf blower for your needs. 

If you don't have time to read my buying guide and you just want a reliable gas blower then the Tanaka commercially rated gas leaf blower is my number one best buy.

My thoughts aside, Tanaka also has the equal highest domestic warranty at 7 years which is evidence of how much the manufacturer believes in their product.

I have also included an extensive comparison chart below that you can use to do your own research.

The comparison chart also has prices which is arguably the most important aspect when doing research.

Tanaka Gas Leaf Blower

Big Gav's Best Overall

Tanaka doesn't have the brand profile that other blowers have but any commercial lawn care operator will know about their products.

I loved my Tanaka leaf blower and had two over my nine years of commercial lawn care. The only issue I ever had was the grill came off a few times after a few years of work.

If you just want a blower that does a great job of blowing and no vacuum or mulching requirements then this is a worthy consideration.

The warranty of 7 years is the equal highest in the gas blowers segment, reflects the quality of the product.


Big Gav's Best Budget Option

I'm loath to suggest a gas blower in the sub $100 mark. Manufacturers struggle to make a decent product that is OK in this price range. 

The Poulan Pro PRB26 just squeezes in under this category and if your budgets tight then this could be an option. It has excellent specs but some of the feed back on this model is around engine starting.

Seriously, for an extra $30-$40 you will get a commercial rated product and this will make you much happier in the short and long term .

Husqvarna 350BT Gas Leaf Blower

Big Gav's Best Back Pack Option

There are some big heavy hitters in the gas powered back pack blower division.

My recommendation the Husqvarna 350BT is not the most powerful but it does represent excellent value for money.

If you need something that will blow the roof off your neighbors house then consider the Makita 4 stroke with 670 CFM and 200 MPH speed.

Mixing fuel can be a pain in the rear, one way around this is a pre-mixed fuel such as TruFuel 2-Cycle 50:1 Pre-blended Fuel . Mixing ratios are available in 40:1 or 50:1. Check with your products recommended fuel mix before using this fuel.

Husqvarna 125B HAND HELDPrice not available242517028cc
Hitachi RB24EAP HAND HELDPrice not available744117023.9cc
Tanaka TRB24EAP HAND HELDPrice not available744117023.9cc
Husqvarna 350BTBACKPACK$379.99249418050.2cc
Echo PB-755ST BACKPACK$500.00565123363.3cc
Echo PB-250LN HAND HELDPrice not available539116525.4cc
Troy-Bilt TB2BV HAND HELDPrice not available2 YEAR
Poulan Pro PRB26HAND HELD$269.97247020026cc
Tanaka Gas Leaf Blower

Best Overall Tanaka 24cc Gas Blower

The Tanaka TRB24EAP leaf blower is a no frills leaf blower that does exactly what it claims to. If blowing leaves around the garden, or cleaning up cut grass from edging is what you need then this is the way to go.

If you are not familiar with the brand, Tanaka have been in the small engine manufacturing business a long time and utilise "Japanese" small engine technology. Their products are commercial grade quality and their warranty of 7 years reflects this.

You will find other blowers with more features and accessories but all these are useless if the product dies one month after the warranty runs out. 

A big consideration when it comes to blowers is how heavy they are. A big powerful blower is not much use if you cant hold it up after 10 mins. The Tanaka is surprisingly light at 8.6 pounds making it the equal lightest in my selection (see comparison table).

Available at Amazon


Class leading warranty of 7years

Good performance specs for the money

Commercial grade product



Leaf blowing only, no vacuum option on this model

A fairly high noise rating, a four stroke alternative might be better if noise is a consideration



Best Budget Gas Leaf Blower Poulan Pro PRB26

For a sub $100 blower the Poulan Pro PRB26 packs some big performance features.

Its 200mph (ca. 322 km/h) speed and 470 CFM means its moving some serious air and not that far from a lower rating back pack model.

I do like its variable speed option and cruise setting which is really useful when doing long stints of holding the handle.

It doesn't have a vacuum option and even though its performance figures are excellent an extra $30-$40 gets you a commercial grade product that will be better in the reliability side. 

Available at Amazon


Good performance specs for the money

One of the cheaper gas models available

Cruise control trigger is useful


Feedback reported on engine reliablility

Warranty of two years is well below class leaders

Better value options for spending a little more cash


Best Value Backpack Husqvarna 350BT

If you have a large property with lots of garden clean up or you just need some servious "wind power" then a backplack blower is a viable alternative to a hand held option.

The Husqvarna 350BT is not the class leader regarding performance output but it does give you bang for your bucks regarding price vs performance.

Moving air at 494 CFC is well above the most hand held options and its weight is also lower than the more powerful alternatives.

Its weight and power combination make it ideal for many home use applications

Available at Amazon


Excellent value for money

A good weight so not too heavy to haul around

Good emission control with the X-Torque two cycle engine


More powerful options available

Noisy at 104db

Warranty is low compared to other models


Best Gas Blower/Vacuum Option Troy-Built TB2BV

Over the years I've tried out quite a few gas blower/vacuum combinations and quite frankly I've never come across an outstanding product.

It just seems too big a challenge to make a gas powered product that does well at both blowing leaves and sucking them up when required.

My first recommendation is to buy a dedicated vacuum if you need to suck leaves up on a fairly regular basis. Something like the BLACK+DECKER BV6600 which is a corded product will mulch and vacuum at the same time and the corded products do a good job when wanting to vacuum. This product is a simple design that does a good job. 

If you're only doing leaf collection once a year then the Troy-Bilt TB2BV is worth considering. The reason I like this product is that even though it still has the same type of blower/vac combination that most manufacturers work with for gas models, at least you get the vac when you purchase the blower.  

The engine is a good size at 27cc but the overall weight is a little on the heavy side at 12 pounds (5.44 kg).

 Available at Amazon


Vacuum attachment comes with the blower

A good size engine with excellent CFM rating

A good price for what you get


Gas engine blower/Vac combos are often cumbersome to set up and use

Fairly weighty at 12 pounds (5.44 kg) 

Relatively short warranty compared to other models


Quietest Gas Blower Echo PB-250LN

Leaf blowers are generally loud and can damage your ears as a user. They are also noisy to the neighbors, so if you are in need of a gas blower with a low decibel rating then the Echo PB-250LN could be a consideration.

It has a decibel rating of 65 which for leaf blowers is excellent. Some of the back pack blowers are over 100! 

Other than the sound rating the Echo stacks up comparably with other blowers of the same size. There was some feed back around the engine at times so check feed back for yourself before committing. 

Available at Amazon


Vacuum attachment comes with the blower

A good size engine with excellent CFM rating

A good price for what you get


Gas engine blower/Vac combos are often cumbersome to set up and use

Fairly weighty at 12 pounds (5.44 kg)

Relatively short warranty compared to other models

Considerations When Purchasing A Gas Blower

Gas-powered two-cycle engines

Two-cycle, gas powered engines have been the go-to blueprint for leaf blowers.

They provide reliable power that is very responsive and are relatively light.

The down-side is that they required "mixed fuel", of gas and oil which puts a lot of people off.

They can also be very lound sometimes over 100 Db.

For most domestic uses, 21-25cc engines provide plenty of power for around the home jobs.


Gas-powered four-cycle engines

Four-cycle engines in gas leaf blowers can still be ok but tend to be less responsive and are heavier than a two-cycle product.

Hand held vs back pack

For an average size home, a hand held blower will be all that is required to assist around the garden.

They don't take up much space, are easy to use and provide an efficient method of cleaning up leaves and small branches etc.

If you have a larger property or are doing commercial work, then a backpack blower can be a better option.

The engine is mounted on a frame and this literally sits on your back as a back pack does. The tube of air is then managed by your arm and throttle your other arm/hand.

They provide better performance specs, are more comfortable over long periods and distribute the weight across your body rather than just off your arm and shoulder.

Question And Answers

What is the best brand of leaf blower?

Hitachi and Tanaka make excellent leaf blowers that are commercially rated.

For not too much more than a domestic product you get a commercial product with a much longer warranty period which gives you piece of mind.

What is the quietest leaf blower?

One of the quietest gas leaf blowers on the market is the Echo PB-250LN. It has a decibel rating of 64 making it one of the quietest.

What is the airspeed measurement that is used to measure a leaf blowers performance?

The airspeed measurement is how fast the air comes out of the tube of the blower.

Gas blowers tend to have the highest airspeed readings.

Airspeed is calculated at miles per hour or MPH.

What is the CFM peformance measurement of leaf blowers?

CFM or cubic feet per minute is the measurement of how much air exits the blower in one minute.

Adding confusion to both airspeed and CFM is the shape of the tube the air is coming out. Generally though, good air speed and CFM makes for a good leaf blower.

Leaf Blowers Are Loud, Wear Ear Protection !!!!!

This information is really important. Too much exposure to leaf blower noise can damage your ears. Some leaf blowers come in at over 100 decibels. This is 8 times as loud as 70 decibels. Eight hours of use at this level can result in permanent ear damage. There are plenty of good options for ear protection and Decibel Defense ear muffs are one such option that provides excellent protection at a reasonable price.

How Much Do Gas Powered Leaf Blowers Cost?

Hand held prices

The majority of gas powered leaf blowers cost over a hundred dollars. There are a few in the the sub $100 range but these would be for minimal use and are generally not as durable as the the $100+ group.

The sweet spot for price and value lies in the $100 to $160 range.

As the price goes up the engines tend to bigger and more powerful with higher rates of airspeed and CFM.


Backpack prices

Backpack leaf blowers are generally suitable for large properties or commercial applications.

Prices usually start at around $200 and go up considerably. The price generally matches the engine size and performance output.

Expect to pay $500 to $700 for high performance models with big engines and big performance output.

Safety Considerations

Please look at the following recommendations, most of which I have experienced the hard way.

  • Always wear ear protection with gas powered lawn care equipment especially leaf blowers.
  • Ensure you know who is around or use safety cones so that people know you are working in the area.
  • Whilst it is important to manage your own hearing protection be mindful of the noise pollution you make in terms of neighbors etc.
  • Gas engines on blowers get very hot, so watch out when being near or touching the exhaust etc.

The Final Word On Leaf Blowers

The sweet spot for value when buying a gas leaf blower is between $120- $160.

Decide if you need a gas blower, an electric model might be more suitable for smaller gardens or really built up areas.

Backpack blowers are an option for big yards or jobs that need extra grunt power.

Make sure you wear hearing protection, gas leaf blowers are loud!

All the best in your purchase decision.