Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener [2021]

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I've put 9 years of my commercial lawn care and gardening experience into helping you find the best lawn mower blade sharpener.

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Finding the best lawn mower blade sharpener will assist in keeping your lawns pristine.

As a lawn care contractor, lawn mower blade sharpening is a regular and important task.

Sharp blades ensure cleanly cut grass rather than "ripping it".

For a "quick" sharpen I used to run a flap disc off an angle grinder.

For more damaged blades you really need a decent product to clean it back.

Most folks will probably fall into the latter category and need to give their blades a decent "tidy up" at least once a year.

I've come up with a list of sharpeners that should meet the needs of everyone and every budget.

I picked the Work Sharp as my best overall due to its versatility and build quality.

Rather than just sharpen your mower blades this thing will virtually sharpen any blade you can find.

Best lawn mower blade sharpener Work Sharp blade sharpener

Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Overall - Work Sharp Knife And Tool Sharpener

The Work Sharp Tool is ideal for the once a year blade tidy up. It does the same job as an angle grinder without the aggressive power.

I personally like this product because I also like really sharp knives in the kitchen. 

For what it does and the money it costs I think it is good value.

If your blades get knocked around a lot then this may be a little light. 

Consider a dedicated mowing blade sharpener like the  all American Sharpener  which is a straightforward and robust product.


Best mowing blade sharpener- Arnold drill sharpener

Best Budget Mower Blade Sharpener - Arnold Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

It's crude and rude, but the Arnold Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener gets the job done (Video demonstration below comparison chart).

Stick it on a drill and run it along the blade.

One particular feature that I do like about this product is its ability to be used whilst the mowing blade is still attached to the mower (may not work on all blades whilst still attached). 

Best lawn mower sharpener dedicated jig all american

Best Dedicated Mower Blade Sharpener - All American Sharpener

If you are doing lots of mowing, or are particular about getting a quality finish on your blades then the All American Sharpener 5002 might be the answer.

This is basically a jig that allows an angle grinder to be mounted and the blade angle is preset so no other setting up is required.

This is not a cheap option but will last a lifetime and takes the hassle out of getting the right angle of the blade.

Blade Sharpeners Can Be Loud, Wear Ear  And Eye Protection !!!!!

This information is really important. Too much exposure to the grinding noise can damage your ears. Some grinders come in at over 100 decibels. This is 8 times as loud as 70 decibels. There are plenty of good options for ear protection and Decibel Defense ear muffs are one such option that provides excellent protection at a reasonable price.

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Comparison Table

Arnold Blade SharpenerPrice not available
Smith's Sharpener$11.421,622 Reviews4.13 YEARS
MAG-9000 Mower Blade SharpenerPrice not available29 Reviews4.72 YEARS
Yellow Hornet Mower Blade Sharpener$159.00107 Reviews4.4N/A
Dremel A679-02 $17.932,894 Reviews4.5N/A
Oregon Lawnmower Blade Grinder$479.99156 Reviews4.5N/A
All American Sharpener$225.991 YEAR
Work Sharp Knife & Tool SharpenerPrice not available1 YEAR

More Product Insight

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Best Lawn Mower Sharpening Tool Overall -  Work Sharp Knife And Tool Sharpener

Versatility is the key when looking at Work Sharps' Knife & Tool Sharpener.

This tool will sharpen almost any blade you can throw at it.

Most importantly it will sharpen mower blades.

It works like a belt sander so you just need to run the sanding belt over the blade.

If you are prone to damaging blades then a dedicated sharpener would be better.

This would allow a "regrinding" of the blade as you might experience with an angle or bench grinder.

For the average home use situation this sharpener is a worthy consideration.

Oh, and did I mention this grinder has excellent customer feed back. (see below)

See Work Sharp website for more information.

  • Versatile

    Sharpen every knife,blade, tool you have at home

  • Grinding belts available in different grits for accurate sharpening

    Relatively cheap to replace

  • Interchangeable angle guides

    Adjusts to different cutting angles


Good value for money

Versatile application

Excellent customer feed back


Could be too light for badly damaged blades

Doesn't provide a dedicated angled guide for mowing blades


Always check mowing blades for hair-line cracks or fractures. Blades that have cracks can potentially disintegrate off the mower whilst running and this is really dangerous. Don't skimp on blade quality it's not worth it.

Arnold mowing blade sharpener

Best Budget Sharpener - Arnold Blade Sharpener 

From a value for money perspective, it's hard to fault the Arnold Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

It's a no frill's blade sharpener that's the best grinding wheel to sharpen lawn mower blades whilst still on the mower.

Stick it in a cord or cordless drill and run it along the blade.

The preset angle of the stone aligns with the blade and it grinds a new face.

Being so cheap has limitations such as getting the correct angle evenly.

If would not be ideal if you also have a damaged blade, but hey for this money who cares!

As previously mentioned, I do like the fact you could potentially sharpen your blades whilst still on the mower.

See video below for details on how to use this product.

  • Simple to use

    Gets the job done if you just want a no-frills solution

  • Sharpen blades whilst still on the mower

    A good option for a quick tune up

  • Super cheap

    Won't break the bank this one


Nothing complex for operating

Potential for sharpening without removing blades

Quick to use


May not help with badly damaged blades

Limited to the angle set on the stone

Arnold Sharpener - Video Demonstration 

Best lawn mower blade sharpener Arnold blade sharpener
All american mowing blade sharpener

Best Lawn Mower Sharpening Jig  - All American Sharpener

If you're committed to getting an accurate finish of your blades or your blades cop a pounding you need a dedicated sharpener.

The All American Sharpener takes the guess work out of sharpening by locking in both blade and angle grinder.

This is basically a sharpening jig.

Once blade and grinder are secured you just run the grinder up and down in its fixed state until the blade is complete.

The instructional video below explains the operation clearly.

This is not a cheap option but it is a tool that will last a lifetime.

  • Well made product

    A lifetime of mower blade sharpening

  • Precision grinding for accurate results

    get the right angle and finish

  • A simple system

    Once set up this will be an easy process to sharpen

  • Best tool for sharpening lawn mower blades thats dedicated

    A handy tool once set up for your specific lawn mower blade


Accurate sharpening

Uses your own grinder

Well constructed


Only does mowing blades

May not fit all mowing blade types

All American Sharpener - Video Demonstration

Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener The all American blade sharpener
Mag 9000 lawn mower blade sharpener

Commercial Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener   - Mag 9000

So I've left the MAG-9000 mower blade sharpener as a final product recommendation not because it's not an awesome product but just because its price is probably not in most buyers budgets.

This machine is a commercial lawn mower blade sharpener for professional contractors or anyone who needs to sharpen mower blades regularly.

But hey, if I had the budget I would buy one no problems.

This commercial blade sharpener is made in the USA and uses a USA grinding disc.

There is nothing complicated in the way it works, and it's made to last.

Oh, it will also sharpen a blade in 60 seconds!

If lawn mower blade sharpening is integral to your business, or you just want a professional job this is the way to go!

  • Powerful engine

    US made industrial engine

  • Simple operation

    Will sharpen all standard flat blades

  • You know what you are getting

    US made product with good customer support


A quality US brand

Powerful cutting power

Simple to use

29 Reviews


Aimed at lawn care professionals

Premium product and price

Only does lawn mower blades


Have you considered using a blade balancer? They are cheap, easy to use and can increase the lifespan of your engine.

Lawn Mower Blade Balancer   - Stens Blade Balancer

For those of us who take pride in our lawn care equipment a lawn mower blade balancer might be a handy addition to our tool kit.

They are very easy to use.

Just place the centre hole of the cutting blade on the point of the balancer and you will soon see if your blades are out of balance.

Balanced blades means smoother engine operation and less wear and tear on bearings etc.

Best of all they are cheap, Stens have a cheap balancer that will do the job easily.

Often the factory blades aren't always balanced so it pays to do a quick check prior to installation.


Considerations When Purchasing A Blade Sharpener

Frequency of use

If your mower blades only need a once or twice a year tidy up then a simple affordable option would be the way to go.

For more regular use, or blades that cop a pounding due to the environment they mow in, a better product would be beneficial.

Contractors and lawn care professionals should consider a product that is well made and does the job in a timely manner.-

Changing a blade?

Before attempting to take a blade off make sure you take the lead off the spark plug.

This will ensure the mower is unable to start if the blades are manually turning the engine over while you are attemping to remove the blades.

Always use the right size tool to remove the bolt or nut holding the blade.

Often a blade will require significant force to undo it and it you dont have the right fitting tool you might end up with a rounded bolt head or smashed up hand.

Use a piece of timber or steel as a chock to stop the blades from spinning.

A wire brush might be required to clean up the blades after removal to check their condition.

This Wiki How also provides an excellent diagram of how to sharpen lawn mower blades. 


More Information.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.

The Final Word On Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

Checking and sharpening your lawn mowing blades regularly is a smart decision.

Depending on how much you use your mower and how much damage the blades sustain determines frequency.

The best lawn mowing blade sharpener gets down to your own needs and budget.

I hope my buying guide provides assistance in finding the perfect product for your lawn care needs.

All the best.  Big Gav


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