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Electric powered garden equipment is on the rise and electric leaf blowers are no exception.

Gas equipment is awesome for the work they do, but environmentally they aren't good.

According to the EPA, over 17million gallons of gas is spilled each year from refueling gas engines on mowers and outdoor equipment.

Electric equipment eliminates the spills and fumes and provides an ideal alternative.

The DeWalt 20 Volt Cordless got my vote as the best electric leaf blower overall due to its cordless operation, battery integration with other DeWalt products, solid performance and its sizable dealer network.

The DeWalt also punches above its weight for performance with users commenting on its performance versus other products that claim better performance specs.

DeWalt 20volt Cordless leaf blower

Best Overall Blower

The DeWalt cordless provides value for money from a well trusted brand. 

Its CFM rating of 400 will work well in most general use applications.

For heavier gardening use such as leaves and debris, a more powerful blower might be required.

3,404 Reviews

Green works 7amp Corded Leaf Blower

Best Budget Blower

For those folk on a budget its hard to go past the Greenworks corded blower.

It's a no frills' product with a single speed that just gets the job done.

Often at such low prices, performance and reliability can be compromised but over 80% of consumer feed back rate this product over 4 stars.

7,621 Reviews

Toro Corded Leaf Blower

Best Blower/Vac Combination

The Toro Electric Blower Vac does a good job of providing both blowing and vacuum options in the one product.

Performance specs for a combo unit are good with the blower rated at 350 CFM and the vacuum at 410.

No products found. No products found.

Dont Forget The Extension Lead!

Most corded electric blowers don't come with an extension lead. Ensure you get a good length lead to make sure you cover all areas in the garden. The extreme weather extension lead is good example providing lead flexibility in all temperatures.

 Comparison Table

Worx Turbine WG520 CORDED$58.153 YEARS600YES11012AMPCORDED6.4NOT
Greenworks 24012 7 Amp $39.764 YEARS530SINGLE
1307 AMP
Sun Joe SBJ597E$18.912 YEARSNOT
Greenworks PRO 80V $270.394 YEARS500YES1257Ah
DEWALT 20V $372.983 YEARS400YES905 Ah
Toro Electric Blower VacNo products found.2 YEARS350YES410 CFM
Makita XBU02PT1 Cordless BlowerPrice not available3 YEARS473YES1205 Ah
DeWalt 20 Volt Cordless Leaf Blower

Best Overall -  DeWalt 20 Volt Cordless

Versatility, ease of use and low environment impact are what makes the DeWalt cordless leaf blower my best overall.

What could be easier than putting in a fresh battery and pulling the trigger.

In addition to its simplicity of operation, the DeWalt's battery is also compatible with over a hundred other DeWalt products that use the 20volt Max battery.

Other products in this category have higher performance specs such as the Greenworks PRO 80V and from a purely gardening point of view this product might be a better option for heavier garden work.

The extra power of the Greenworks cordless would be better for garden leaves for example.

If you already have DeWalt products that are compatible with the leaf blowers battery then it's a no brainer.

I like DeWalt because they have a strong brand presence and over 70 service centers across the US.

Customer support is a big consideration when buying outdoor power equipment because you can bet at some stage you will need some help.

  • Good performance from a 20 volt battery

    Punches above its weight

  • The 20 Volt Battery is compatibile with multiple other DeWalt products

    Use in over 100 other DeWalt products

  • Not too heavy for a cordless blower

    Easy to use due to weight and design


Good value for the money

Battery integration with other products

Solid Brand

3,404 Reviews


Power not as good as other products

May be not as useful in the garden as other products

Greenworks 7Ah corded leaf blower

Best Budget Leaf Blower - Greenworks 7Ah Corded 

From a value for money perspective, it's hard to fault the Greenworks 7 Amp corded blower. 

It's a no frills leaf blower that just gets the job done.

It only has one speed but for most applications this will be fine.

Being cheap doesn't mean you lose out on performance however.

Punching out 530 CFM's is no slouch if you are happy to drag an extension lead around.

Given you are stuck with the single speed you may have issues if you don't need the full power.

  • Simple to use

    Gets the job done if you just want a no-frills solution

  • Solid CFM at 530

    Will cover most home use applications

  • Not too heavy

    Minimize "arm kill' when holding for extended periods


Nothing complex for operating

Excellent CFM for a budget option

Lightweight under 5 pounds (2.27 kg)

Excellent warranty @ 4 years

7,621 Reviews


Cords can be frustrating to work with and limited by length

Single speed might limit use

Toro Corded Blower/Vac combination

Best Blower/Vac Combination - Toro 12 Amp Corded

I've gotta be honest, I've never had great success with blower/vac combo's even with gas versions.

It just seems that stretch from combining both blowing and vacuuming is a just a little too challenging for most manufacturers.

Before you go investing in a combo, consider using your mower to pick up leaves if that is your priority.

A mower set up with a clean catcher (ensures good air flow) or even a good mulching mower will pick up leaves just as good if not better than a combo.

As a contractor I would blow any leaves that needed to be picked up on paths etc onto the lawn I was going to mow and kill two birds with one stone by mowing the grass and picking up the leaves at the same time.


If you do need a blower/vac combo then the Toro corded blower/vac combo is a worthy consideration due to its solid blow rating @ 350 CFM and 410 CFM for the vacuum.

One additional bonus of sorts is that within its design is a steel impeller which allows for mulching when in the vacuum setting.

Another design feature that I like about this product is the simplicity in switching from blower to vacuum. 

My previous experience with this issue had left me frustrated at how difficult it can be to change modes.

The Toro makes this easy by not requiring tools to manage.

Switch the latch over underneath and hook up the catching bag.

  • 3 in 1 functionality for flexibility

    Blow, mulch or vacuum leaves etc.

  • 12 amp power allows for solid performance

    Power to blow leaves or suck up into the units holding bag

  • No additional tools required

    Everything you need for most jobs in the garden.


Reduces the amount of equipment needed

Good power output for a combo tool

Good value for money

No products found. No products found.


Blowing performance is less than most dedicated blowers

Warranty below most dedicated vacuums

Work 12amp Corded leaf blower

Best CFM  - Worx 12amp Corded

Often electric powered garden tools fail to achieve the same performance specs of a gas equivalent product.

But not in the case of the Worx Turbine 12 Amp Corded blower.

It's claimed output of 600CFM puts it up in the gas back pack realms and exceeding hand held gas blowers.

The biggest point of all is that its super affordable making it a viable gas alternative when you need some solid blowing power.

  • Powerful 12amp performance

    Enough power to manage most blowing applications in the garden

  • Solid 3 year warranty

    Peace of mind for three years use

  • Turbine fan for improved performance

    Really gets the CFM specs up


Excellent value for money given the performance

Good power to weight ratio

Viable alternative to a gas model

10,077 Reviews


Limited by your extension cord length

May be overkill for small yards

Longevity could be an issue if used frequently

Considerations When Purchasing An Electric Leaf Blower

Property Size

The size of your property is a significant consideration when purchasing an electric blower.

Corded blowers need extension leads, this may not be practical over a large area.

A large property with lots of leaves and lawn might be better with a gas blower.

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Battery Blowers VS Corded?

Battery blowers are more versatile but are limited to battery run time.

Battery blowers performance tends to be lower than corded electric or gas versions.

Blowers using batteries are often interchangeable with other products.

The DeWalt range is an example of this.

Battery blowers tend to be heavier than corded models.

Using an extension lead can be problematic as the distance increases.

Power leads during rain or near wet areas such as pools etc may not be safe.


Tips For Using An Electric Leaf Blower

  • Dry grass is much easier to move than damp or wet grass

    Wet grass will be difficult to move unless you have a high performance blower

  • Leave the blowing until you are finished all other gardening jobs

    If you leave the blowing until last you wont miss anything especially on paths

  • If you have a mower with a catcher use this to catch leaves on a lawn

    Use your blower to move the leaves off a path and on to your lawn and use your mower with its catcher to pick up the leaves

  • Get an extension lead that winds up easily

    There are extension leads that can be wound up making life easier when packing up

  • Wear hearing protection if your blower is over 85db

    Electric blowers tend to be quieter than gas version but check your blowers rating just in case

  • Charge your battery the night before use

    This is a no brainer but at least it is a reminder so you dont waste time when you need the blower the most

More Information.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.

The Final Word On Electric Leaf Blowers

Electric leaf blowers are a growing alternative to their gas powered equivalent.

Decide if an electric blower is right for you by determining your yard size, what you want to do in it and if a battery or corded option will be practical.

Corded blowers can be powerful and cost effective but have an extension lead attached.

Battery blowers are practical and versatile with potential for power usage transferable to other outdoor products.

Run time is limited with battery products.

Either way I hope this guide assists you in finding the best product for your gardening projects.

All the best.  Big Gav


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